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Welcome to Bharat Ko Janiye 2020-2021

In pursuance of Prime Minister’s announcement, Ministry of External Affairs will be organizing the 3rd edition of the Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz for young overseas Indians (two categories i.e. PIOs and NRIs) and foreign nationals in 2020-21.
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Quiz Details

The registration for the Quiz is now open and a Mock Quiz is available for practice to all registered participants. The official Quiz rounds will start on 1 November 2020 and will remain open during the following time periods:

First Round (Welcome): 1 to 30 November 2020

Second Round (Qualifying): 7 to 13 December 2020

Third Round (Semi-final): 14 to 20 December 2020

Fourth Round (Final): 21 to 27 December 2020

The registration for the Quiz and Mock Quiz will close on 30 November 2020.
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Topics for the Quiz

The following subjects will be covered for the Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz 2020-21. You may click on each to view helpful reading material and also take the Mock Quiz to familiarise with the Quiz. For the First (Welcome) Round, 5 topics will be covered: (1) Art and Architecture (2) Economy (3) Geography (4) Indian Mythology (5) Science and Technology. For Second, Third, Fourth Rounds, all topics will be covered.

Disclaimer: The reading material available is for a participant's reference. Quiz questions will not be limited to the reading material available below. This is only indicative and does not constitute the 'syllabus' of this online Quiz. Participants are highly encouraged to refer to other sources of information to prepare for the Quiz.

Your Chance To Win EXCITING Prizes!!

Register today for the Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz and a chance to win a fully-sponsored tour to India! View Quiz Structure for more details.

Some Important Tips

First round

In the First (Welcome) round, participants will be asked 60 questions in 60 minutes from 5 topics - Art and Architecture, Economy, Geography, Indian Mythology, Science and Technology. Round will be conducted online on this website.

All Remaining Rounds

Second, Third, and Fourth Rounds will contain questions from all topics and will be conducted online on this website.

  Attempt All the Questions

You have got nothing to lose! There are no negative marks for wrong answers, so participants can attempt all the questions in the quiz

  Practice With Mock Quiz

A Mock Quiz is available after registration for participants to familiarise with the Quiz platform. You can practice multiple times until 30 November 2020.

  You can Correct the Answers

Once you have saved your answer, you can use the navigation buttons to go to a particular question and change the answer again – if the quiz is Active.

  Interpreting the Time Remaining

The Timer shown during the quiz always shows the time remaining for the Quiz . When the timer becomes 0 , it means that the allocated active time for particular the quiz is over . Your responses will be automatically saved for further steps.

  Updating the Profile Information

It is mandatory to update your details before the Second Round begins on 7 December 2020. Visit My Profile section for editing your profile.

Quotes From Our Participants

"As an NRI living abroad for over 15 years, I find this website a trailblazer concept and an ingenious endeavor by Ministry of External Affairs. The Ministry’s goals to increase the awareness among NRIs about India's culture and progress are quite commendable. I am looking forward to participating in this exciting challenge and learning a lot more about India along the way."

Mr.Parimal Desai, in USA since 15 years.

"Its a great initiative and a first of its kind by the Ministry Of External Affairs to make a connection with and educate young Indians living abroad about India. The website provides well presented and extensive information about our motherland in an attractive way and in the spirit of competition which encourages greater involvement and learning."

Vijaygauri Gumaste, in Singapore since 13 years.

"What a wonderful repository of knowledge about my India! Kudos to Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for implementing this initiative. I see this information being valuable to not only those that are eligible to take the quiz but also to the younger demographics, as a one stop reference for learning about their heritage. I look forward to seeing more such engaging initiatives from MOIA. "

Ashwini Soman.

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